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About BiTS

Schools around the world consistently need to be equipped with appropriate and sufficient technology to support and enhance the teaching and learning process.
Our children's education ecosystem needs the technology. By getting access to technology and technical support, students can experience learning beyond their physical classroom setting regardless of where their schools are located. This in turn helps to narrow the disparity between urban and rural schools in terms of enabling their students with current information and knowledge to be ready for their future undertakings. The support given will narrow the digital divide and provide equal access to education.
Through this initiative, we bring together philantrophists, educators, technologists and others who would like to contribute to positive changes in education through a comprehensive platform as a meeting and execution point.


Our mission is to support and empower schools by having appropriate and sufficient technologies for teaching and learning through community engagement and participation.

Bits Community

BITS community is consists of philanthropists, school administrators, teachers, technology providers and subject matter experts. Together, they support the initiatives created by the schools to improve their teaching and learning infrastructure and infostructure.The initiative which needs financial support will be announced in bits platform so that interested funders and technologists who would like to contribute can offer their help, services and products to support the school noble initiatives.

Who's behind bits

We are funders, teachers, parents, technologists, scholars, entrepreneurs and students who are passionate in the state of education in Malaysia. We believe in the role of technology to enable and enhance learning through working together. Everything will be made possible and meaningful through collaborative effort.

Our Objective

Our objective is to

Help School to find donation

Teacher can get teaching aid

freelancer can help create content of project

communities and parents can fund to school or their own school

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